Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another Circuit About the Sun

Well, this weekend is the first weekend of my 54th circuit about good ol' Sol. My friends have been wonderful, both sailing and not.

Unlike most people in the northeast, and especially on the Hudson River, I'll sail as long as there's no ice on the river. This presents some problems with winterization, of course. I've already put a 'tee' in the engine intake so I can winterize the raw water system in a matter of seconds.

Yesterday, I did the same for the intake of the head.. And what a difference it made in winterizing! Now instead of horsing around in tight spaces to do it, it's a pump, pump, swish, swish -all done!

Today I'll be sailing with the usual group of suspects plus Bob and Carol Garabedian and Bobbie and Warren Breslow. We could be our own yacht club as much time as we spend together. Afterwards, a cook out. Just like the summer.

It's supposed to be 50+ with 8 to 12. Wonderful. I'll run the heater for those inclined to stay below, and it'll be great.

Each year around my birthday I really take the time to appreciate my sailing friends. Herb and Gina, Laura, the aforementioned Bob and Carol and Bobbie and Warren, people you're soon to meet, like Jack and Art and Catherine.

Of course, my non-sailing friends are just as important. There are fewer of them as time goes on. More and more I am thinking of permanent residence on my boat. It's a wonderful existance. Everything you own within your reach! You have complete control of your environment. Well mostly.

Sure, there are challenges. Like what to keep and what to throw away. Also, heating and cooling is problematic, but do-able. Also, it's getting harder and harder to find a marina that accepts liveaboards.

The only thing that prevents me just now from doing it and sailing off into the sunrise is the boat is not yet self-sufficient energywise, my finances are not yet self-sufficient, and I'm not ready to retire just yet.

But who knows what the year will bring?

Whatever it is, it will be especially sweet because of my friends.

See you on the water!

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