Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wow! Christmas Early

Of course, it's damp, and overcast and generally ratty weather but the first three of my new sails have arrived from Somerset Sails.

How exciting - I want to unfold them in the house to see what's what! But the house is not a loft, and I know this is the last time these sails will see their current neat folding. But so far, they look magnificent. It's unfortunate that work interrupts sailing!

So far, I've gotten the new main and the 140% genoa, a 95% yankee, and a new main sail cover - which I'll sew the Inertia's name on. The only other sail I'm expecting is a 175% asymmetrical spinnaker.

To describe the sails:

The main is a tri-radial full battened main with draft stripes, numbers, logo, with two reefs and a cunningham. The appliques are all green to match the hull stripes. It's built with Contender cloth with a combination of 7.4 oz. and 7.01 oz. weights.

The 140% jib is also tri-radial in construction, also with green appliques - numbers, logo, and draft stripe.

The yankee is a small working sail for those days when the 140 is too big. I know the sails are supposed to be roller furling, but typically they don't perform that well reefed. So I'd rather change them if the wind's going to be up for any length of time.

When I get the spinnaker, I'll let you know about that.

If it's not too cold this weekend, I'll try them out. I can't wait! Pictures to follow, I'm sure.

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