Saturday, December 10, 2005

First Snow

This is the day after the first snow of the season. Of course I have clean off the boat. Every year I move Inertia from her winter home to summer home and back. Winter home is Haverstraw Marina, located, oddly enough, in Haverstraw NY, about 30 miles north of New York harbor.

I've been coming to Haverstraw Marina for over 13 years - and I was docked there for 10 or 12 years before that. It's been my home when I lived aboard. I've had an awful lot of fun here. If you have a deep draft boat, when you come up the Hudson, it's a pretty good place to stay. There used to be a restaurant, but it burned down recently. However, about a mile away to the north is a bar/grill. I've never been there, but how bad can it be?

Back to Inertia - we got about 10" of snow yesterday and I spent most of the day snowblowing and shoveling. But today, I wanted to get the snow off the boat. So here's some pictures of Inertia under snow.

Today it was 35 so the sunny side pretty much melted off, but you can see that in the shade, the snow was nearly untouched. You wouldn't think it would weigh all that much, but I'd say it was enough to set Inertia down another inch in the water - that's like 1200 lbs. or so. And it's a lot of snow to remove with a plastic dustpan!

Anyway, the boat inside was dry and surprisingly warm! Ok, not shorts and tee-shirt weather, but very comfortable - well above 30. Hey, when I lived on my Ranger, there were winter days I got up and it was less than 30. Try getting dressed in that!

Frankly, the day was nice enough so that I could go sailing! Light breeze from the south, sunny, and warmish. However, it was getting late, so it was also going to get really cold.

I hope I can get out once more this year - business and other obligations are taking over prime time - and so it the weather.

January 1, though, is the traditional first sail of the season! Hey, maybe I'll see you on the water!

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