Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Old and New Friends

Well, I'm not really a joiner. I never have been. I don't like clubs or cliques. But this Friday last I rejoined my old yacht club (Hudson Cove Yacht Club). It's funny - I've been away from it for two years, but it was like I'd never left, all my friends still there, and surprisingly to me, happy to see me!

Admittedly I belong for the advantages at other yacht clubs, many of whom only rent moorings or slips to other yacht club members, or they provide them at reduced prices. This is a good thing. I've mentioned how the marine industry has slowly but surely swung back to making boating an elitist activity by charging prices that bear no relationship to value (hey - not just boating, huh?). But as a leisure activity, it seems you'd want people to stay. Or there's just a lot more money around than I can see.

So, back to the club thing - it was their Christmas Party, and it was a great deal of fun to see everyone! From what I hear, they were just as thrilled to see me. Who'd a thunk it?

In case you're interested in joining a yacht club, be aware they run the gamut from effectively social clubs only (with no facilities) to down home, earthy clubs with spare facilities, to great big clubs with grand mansions for club houses, 24 hour launch service, formal dinners and other occasions. You choose - it can be as little as a couple hundred bucks to many, many thousands.

If it's an accredited club, you're all set for 'reciprocal priviledges'. Cool beans.

Although this year I'll stay at Barron's boat yard, next year I'll try to join City Island Yacht Club or Harlem Yacht Club, both on City Island.

There's something to be said for joining at least one club!

See you on the water.

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