Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!

Hi All! Happy New Year! Here's hoping your new year brings great sailing, oh, and health and happiness too!

But as it is January first, nothing would do but to do the annual first sail. And so the usual group of suspects were rounded up and away we went! Ok, well, most of the suspects, and some new ones as well. Herb and Laura (Gina stayed home with Noah, the grandson), Laura's boyfriend Cory, Herb's daughter, Karyn and her friend Terri. Terri's from Texas.

New Mainsail
I figured, "Hey! It's a new year! Let's try the new mainsail!" I went down to Inertia around 10 am, and after starting the cabin heater and shoveling the snow off the deck, I took the old mainsail off and bent on the new one. Woohoo! It fits! And it's beautiful! Wow! I've included a picture here. Remember it's one of the suit of sails I've purchased from Somerset Sails - a new main and jib, a yankee, and an asymmetrical spinnaker.

Look at what Martin at Somerset did: It's 4 full battened, loose footed, draft stripes, number, and logo in green to match the cove stripe! All included. I added straps and rings in the grommets for the cunningham and reef tacks so I have a purchase with the reefing lines and I can hook them on the gooseneck. It works very well for the first reef. I have to change the slide track so that I can make the second reef work properly (otherwise, I have to remove slides from the track).

Today it was overcast and cool - around 38 deg., with a southerly breeze around 5 to 8 knots. The tide was coming in, so the river was very smooth - and with the new main and jib we were able to make about 3 knots through the water.

My friends came down around one and since I had the boat ready, with coffee percolating, off we went! Here's the ceremonial throwing of snowballs at the winter buoy. Some years, of course there's no snow. We've done this when it 60! Not many years like that!

Champagne toast, some cheese and crackers (although some of the others had egg nog and rum - mmmm).

Remember Terri from Texas? Yah, well, she was the only one there that was warm enough to continue sailing (I mean other than yours truly)! She's the one in the light green in this picture. Herb took it.

Well, that's pretty much the New Years Day sail!

I hope your season is terrific! See you on the water!

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