Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome to 2007!

It's a new year, one filled with hope and dreams and a craving for sailing, chocolate, Yukon Jack, and fun. Not necessarily in that order.

As the winter wears on, in the eastern United States it's been relatively warm - seldom below 40 degrees, with some stunningly beautiful days. December 31st was one of them. My friend Jack and I went for a sail, short as it was.

December winds are like June winds, except colder. There's usually a good morning breeze and a fair one late in the afternoon, but between noon and three or four, nothing. There is a symmetry between November and May, December and June, January and August, and so forth.

Sadly, Inertia is empty of all the little toys and comforts that normally exist on her due to the sale. So no coffee on the water (no pot or cups) and all the systems are winterized.

But a sail is a sail.

Normally, January first is the day I go out with friends, but it was cold and rainy. So not this year.

For the next three weekends I'll be occupied with the OUPV Captain's License course given at the Nyack Boat Club. It should be interesting, and I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes. It's being given by the Mariner's School. It should be fun, informative, and if I can manage to remember everything and get all the necessary paperwork done, I'll be set.

That, incidentally, is the reason many people don't get their license - after passing the test, there's the physical, the eye exam, the proof of time on the water and a slew of other things.

Also, since I'm on the hunt for a new boat, there will be more on that front. As it is, I've decided that there's nothing about a Gulfstar that could possibly interest me.

I've found a new boat to consider - a Whitby 42. So I'll be looking into them, too. There are several on the market. We'll see.

But the days are getting longer, and warmer, and sunnier!

I hope to see you out there!

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Zen said...

qbfvklewHappy New & good luck with the test. That is my plan for this year as well. I went to my MD he said oh, this well take at least 1 hour, you'll need to come back :-(

Oh , and your insurance will not cover it ;-(