Monday, February 16, 2009

February Is...

Here it is February, or actually, the middle of February in the northeast. February is the 3:00am of the year - it's the darkest time of men's souls. The fevered activity of the holidays have given way to a certain lethargy.

It is the time of the year that causes one to ponder the upcoming warmer months and their activities. Things like removing the boat cover. Sailing on weekends. Completing tasks that you really promised yourself you were going to do during the winter but just could not bring yourself to get them done.

February is the month to sleep. It makes one appreciate the concept of hibernation. It is, with the exception of Valentine's Day, a month with nothing to recommend it. Sure, the days get noticeably longer - a few minutes each day - but it's cold and windy and causes one to scootch down in ones covers for another hour of two of sleep.

February doesn't have the promise of March. It doesn't have the excitement of January. It is the stuporous month like the hour after a great big meal before you go to bed. It is such a boring month that we've started consulting with a largish rodent to see how long this plunge into cold and boredom will continue.

The death and cold of winter is stark in February. There is no promise of spring. Intellectually, of course, we know spring is coming but from day to day there is nothing to indicate it. Passing through February is like swimming through molasses. It becomes an effort to do anything.

Of course, your experience may differ. But for me, February is a black hole. I've been living under a green boat cover for three plus months, even in bright daylight I need lights. The heaters run constantly and I am veritably shaking with the effort to not scream.

It is very fortunate, then, that February is so short. I suspect that Pope Gregory also knew that the shorter the better for February. Sure, let the sylvan month of July and the halcyon month of August get an extra day each! And take it from February so it gets itself over faster than any other month.

For all of you with a birthday in February, I salute you! Happy Birthday! For myself, I'd just as soon skip directly to March.

Anyway, the truth of it is that the year continues and soon the cover will be off. Those projects like the wash down pump and water maker and macerator pump and HAM radio and other stuff will get done in the spring. When the social support system shakes itself awake from it's winter's slumber. When you can work outside without four layers of clothing. When the first faint traces of a tan occur if only on one's bald spot.

C'mon March! Hurry it up!

See you all on the water soon now, oh, so soon!