Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Finally! I Get To Use The Spinnaker!

This week was signal for two reasons - well, maybe three. First, it's near peak color in the lower Hudson Valley. Next, Laura and Cory took some guests out on their boat, Cassiopeia and had the foresight to bring a camera, and finally, I got some great pictures from them on the sail which I'll share now.

Sunday was overcast, and started with little wind - so as we left Haverstraw Marina, with my friend Janet aboard, we just pootled around mostly pushed upriver by the current. Laura came out a bit later and we decided to travel up river into Tomkins Cove.

Haverstraw Bay is bounded on the north by Stony Point on the west side and Verplanck on the east side. As soon as we started upriver I decided to fly the spinnaker, and so with great swearing, hopping around, and so forth, I got the asym up and drawing very nicely.

We started to fly up the river to catch up to Cassiopeia, which is a fast boat in light air, even downwind! We passed just north of Stony Point and had to gybe before running aground. Of course, that's when I found out that downhaul (tack) was inside the lazy sheet. You can imagine the ensuing hijinks. A barrel of fun! I sure had Janet hopping about the cockpit as we ran towards the Tomkins Cove Quarry.

Finally, with everything under control, we set off to catch Cassie again near Jones Point where the river turns from northeast to northwest towards the Bear Mountain Bridge, away from Peekskill. We gybed again and realized as we were taking the chute down that we should have paid more attention to the wind behind us. As usual.

The sail back was a rousing beat back down the river - with a final reach into the marina. And as usual, the wind died exactly after we tied up! Cassie had already gotten there and the crew was on the Amistad which is the ship from the movie. By the time we got there, though, the tours were closed. Ah, well.

Hey! News Flash! My First Post To Google Earth! Search for postings by 'Mad Sailor' or L. C. Tiffany!

Look, there's still some season left! See you on the water!

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Tillerman said...

Sounds great. You are right - the lower Hudson is looking perfect this week.