Saturday, February 25, 2006

Philosophy and So Forth

This has been an interesting week. One of my clients owns a well know book review service and very often after a book has been reviewed, they allow employees to take the pre-release books to read. One such book I found this week is "Monty Python and Philosophy" - one of a series of philosophy books (such as "The Simpsons and Philosophy").

I've been fond of saying, "Original thought is far more rare than you might think. Most any thought you or I have had in our life has been or will be thought by someone else." I don't ask you to dwell on that. Perhaps it's better if you don't.

Anyway, it turns out I'm an existentialist. To be exact an atheist existentialist. Jean-Paul Sartre is the main man for that one. The long of the short of it is that it is the closest philosophy to humanism there is, maybe even the same, close enough.

So now we all know what I am. Can I justify this position? Sure. Will I? No problem. Just not here. Or now. Maybe later. I mean, really, I have to keep something in reserve.

Ok, you're wondering what's going on in the sailing world. I called Sound Salvage in City Island to order a new mooring system for Inertia at the yacht club. They have standards, and although my boat would probably be ok with a 400 lb. mushroom, I ordered a 500 lb. one.

Sound Salvage has been doing this for a long time, and they take care of most of the moorings on the west side of City Island. They also, for an annual fee, inspect and maintain the pennants (the part that goes from the mooring chain to the boat), and once every other year they haul the mooring and inspect and repair it (an additional fee). But to keep your boat afloat and attached, that's the kind of dedication you really want.

I'll be getting the scoop on my new mooring set up and get some pictures, too.

My friend Bobbie (and Warren) has given me a link to an interesting site, and if you're doing coastal sailing, especially in the northeast US, you might like this, too. It's interesting even if you're not sailing around here, but there is a lot of area specific info. So here it is:

I have been promised by Renee (of narrowboat fame) that there are pictures and notes about her redoing the inside of Coriander (Corry). Apparently she (Corry) is in a bit of a state. Well, maybe Renee, too, but I can't speak to that. Anyway, now that I've promised it, she'll have to come through.

Laura, Herb and I spent today checking out their boats in Norwalk, Connecticut. We made plans for the summer cruising and racing - For instance, my friend Laura will be doing the Newport-Bermuda race, and I'll help her get the boat back. Also, we'll do the Around Long
Island Race ( Then dump her boat off to get it cleaned and repaired after the race, get to my boat and meet up with Herb and Gina, Bob and Carol.

Great plans. Easily lead astray. We'll see how that goes. I want to go through the Cape Cod Canal, see Cuttyhunk, and Tarpaulin Cove. Once again, we'll see.

The days are getting noticably longer now, and it's usually in the 40's during the day, 20's at night. Spring is right around the corner!

I've gathered all the info I need about my electrical upgrades to the boat. The new starting battery is going to be a deep cycle group 24 which is more than enough to do the job. It will be its own bank, and the current group 27's will be wired as a house bank. The solar panels will be attached to a charging bus with the current battery charger and the alternator. A new sensor panel will maintain all this crap. See my last post with it's picture.

This year is going to be a terrific season, I just know it!

I'll see you on the water!

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